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Meet your craftsman

Hi there, my name is Travis O’Rourke and I am the one-man show at T.O. Leathercraft.  I got into leather out of the necessity to cover up a few of my blades that were laying around in my workshop.  It was a hobby I had been interested in, I just never took the plunge.  But, once I made my first project, I was hooked.  After several years of working with leather almost every day, I'm still improving, and find no shortage of knowledge yet to gain. 

I had the opportunity and privilege to live, travel, and work all over the world.  I was a "Green Beret" in the U.S. Army Special Forces, and retired after 23 years of service.   In 2016 we discovered "the last best place" to live, raise our family, and enjoy a semi-retired life.  We are happy to call Whitefish, Montana our playground and home where we can enjoy our outdoor lifestyle and hobbies year-round. 

I genuinely appreciate your interest in my passion and art.  I look forward to creating something special for you because that is what I enjoy the most about the craft and my business.  All the best, Travis O.

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